Greeting Cards with Toddler Art

greeting cards with toddler art

I can’t believe I have never thought of this, greeting card toddler art! You know all that toddler art our kids come home with from preschool, well you’re welcome, here is the ULTIMATE solution from Eileen of Just Measuring Up blog! Make greeting cards with toddler art. Find out how:

greeting cards with toddler art

Turn your toddler’s abstract paintings into refrigerator-worthy greeting card toddler art for friends and family members. The materials and steps couldn’t be easier, and the cards turn out beautiful.

There are so many cute card ideas out there, but for babies and toddlers so many of them involve getting handprints or footprints, which can be quite an arduous task. Not only do these cards turn out amazing, but you aren’t forcing footprints and your child gets to be as creative as he or she wants.

Materials are simple:

Have your child paint on colored card stock, then you cut out shapes from their abstract paintings. For birthdays, you can cut out cupcakes, cake, gifts, or balloons, or you can cut out something that has more meaning to that person, such as a train for a train-lover. Then, you simply glue the shapes to a folded piece of card stock.

Tip: use art your kids bring home from school!

If you lack the crafty gene or the time to do this, there is a sheet of templates on our blog post, where you can simple print the sheet, and then cut out the shapes you would like.

greeting cards with toddler art

As far as card stock colors, I found that brighter colors looked better – they stood out from the primary paint colors. You can accessorize with ribbon, stickers, or markers, such as drawing the strings on the balloons or ribbon on the present. For an added touch, your child can color the inside of the card to make it even more personal.

Not only will you save money buying cards, but you and your toddler can create something friends and family members will adore. It’s a fun way to personalize cards for all occasions, and family members are so impressed with their refrigerator-worthy greeting card toddler card!

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greeting card toddler art

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