Holiday Paper Bag Gift Tags Idea

holiday gift tag craft

Each year I do holiday baking that we give out to family, friends and school staff. I am always looking for creative ways to give our gift of baked goods. If you are learning to sew this is an awesome beginner project. You can take a plain paper bag and turn it into a holiday gift tag craft! Check out how Jennie of Little Girl Designs created this gorgeous holiday gift tag craft.

Here’s a simple project that’s perfect for the holiday season (as well as year-round gift giving.) I recently bought a sewing machine and have been experimenting with it by trying all of the new stitches. These sewn cards are a fun way to play with the various stitches on your sewing machine and are easy enough for a beginner to make.

You will need:

I started by pulling out my supplies. For this project, I used a plain brown lunch bag, but any size of brown bag will work. You could also use kraft paper for this project.

holiday gift tag craft

I cut a rectangle out of the bag and then folded it together into a business card shape. This was in order to reinforce the paper.

holiday gift tag craft

For the first card, I used a simple straight stitch to see how my machine would handle the paper. Then I started experimenting with various stitches. Paper looks great with stitches but you do have to be aware that with every needle punch, there is an obvious hole left in the paper. I mention this because some of the more complex stitches didn’t work as well on paper. Experiment, though, and have fun!

holiday gift tag craft

I finished these cards by pulling out my gel pen and drawing “to” and “from” on them. Look up a “faux calligraphy” tutorial on Pinterest if you’d like your words to look hand-lettered.

These whimsical cards can be hole punched and tied to packages. You could also use double-stick tape on the back of them and affix to a present. One of my friends is the ultimate gift-giver, so I’m going to make her a set of these as part of her gift this year. I know she’ll put them to good use.

holiday gift tag craft

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  1. 28 October 2016 at 3:03 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing, Shauna! I think these would work perfectly for your baked goods idea. In fact, I should do that too for my daughter’s teachers. 🙂 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!

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