Rainy Day Activity: Indoor Hopscotch Idea

rainy day activity

When it rains here in California, it pours! I am always looking for a rainy day activity for my kids. This indoor or outdoor hopscotch mat is easy to make and perfect for classrooms and/or after school programs. The kids can still be active and play indoors. If you’re looking for another rainy day activity for your kids check out Just Measuring Up blog! Here is how you make it:

Looking for an easy do-it-yourself activity for your children? Make a DIY hopscotch mat entirely from felt that they can learn from and enjoy. The hopscotch mat can be used as an indoor or outdoor activity or as a reading mat in a playroom or bedroom.

The materials are simple, as the mat is made all of felt, and there is no sewing involved.

  • One 2-yard piece of felt
  • 15 rectangular pieces of felt in colors of your choice – 5 of these will be used for your numbers (2 per sheet), and 10 of these will be used for the hopscotch squares.
  • Hot Glue
  • Number Pattern – I used a free printable from our blog. The numbers use very little ink, so they are perfect for stencils.
  • Scissors

rainy day activity

Step 1: Lay out your large piece of felt and place the 10 smaller felt pieces in a pattern that you like. In picking the colors, I used bright colors for the squares to contrast the dark green two-yard piece.

Step 2: Cut your 10 smaller pieces into squares if they aren’t already. I used a paper cutter for this, which made my straight lines perfect.

Step 3: Cut the numbers out of your remaining felt pieces.

rainy day activity

Step 4: Glue the numbers to the squares and the squares to the two-yard felt piece.

rainy day activity

This do-it-yourself mat turns out awesome, gives children hours of fun, and inspires little ones to learn their numbers! We’d love it if you stopped by Ella and Annie’s Facebook page to post your indoor rainy day activity!

rainy day activity

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