Thanksgiving Kids Craft Idea: Native American Headdress

thanksgiving kids craft idea

How fun is this thanksgiving kids craft idea? Teach your kids a little history at thanksgiving with this thanksgiving craft idea, Native American headdresses. Have them create their own Native American motifs for their headbands. If you’re looking for some creative thanksgiving kids table ideas see what we came up with here.

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What you need:

Colored Pencils

White Card Stock

Construction Paper


Scissors or Paper Cutter

Step 1: Cut 2” wide strips of white card stock. 2” x 12” is a good guide for each strip. It took 2 strips stapled together for my 7 and 6 and 4 year old.

Step 2: Google Native American motifs to get pattern ideas for the band. Kids can also create their own motif design. Use the colored pencils to design your headband. Make sure to color the design on both strips. Staple the strips together to make one long strip.

thanksgiving kids craft ideas

thanksgiving kids craft idea

Step 3: Cut various sizes of feathers from colored construction paper. First cut the shape of the feather. Next, cut small slits in a downward on each side of the feather shape. You can scrunch each side up a bit to give the feather some life.

thanksgiving kids craft idea

Step 4: Arrange the feathers on the back, inside of the headband. Staple the feathers to the band.

thanksgiving kids craft idea

Step 5: Measure the headband around your child’s head and staple together where you mark the size.

What is your favorite thanksgiving kids craft idea? Ella and Annie would love to see what family traditions you have. Visit our Facebook page and post your favorite family crafts and recipes for thanksgiving!

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thanksgiving kids craft ideas

thanksgiving kids craft ideas

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