100th Day School Project Ideas: Self Portrait Art Lesson

100th Day School Project Ideas

We have some 100th day school project ideas for you! To survive 100 days in school is a huge accomplishments for students and well let’s face it, teachers too! Many schools celebrate the 100th day of school with fun activities that can cover a wide range of subjects.

Teachers can create math lessons to discuss what 100 looks like. It can be various objectives such as 100 Cheerios, 100 paper clips, 100 jelly beans and so on. You can also compare what 100 Cheerios looks like versus 100 pieces of paper.

Some teachers may challenge their students to come up with a project at home and present it to the class. I have seen kids make t-shirts, headband hats and even dress up like an elderly person for the day.

Turn the 100th day of school into a fun art lesson. Ask your students what 100 years versus 100 days old may look like. Ask them what they think they will look like at 100 years of age. We partnered with Oriental Trading Co. to share with you this creative art lesson for 100th day school project ideas. Kids will design their very own 100th day self portrait. Here are some of the products we used:

Get the FULL TUTORIAL HERE. Make sure to head on over to Ella and Annie Facebook page to share with us your 100th day of school projects! We are always excited to see what our viewers are creating.

100th Day of School Project Ideas

There are so many 100th day of school ideas you can choose from. Have fun learning!

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