Pegboard Craft Supply Storage Idea

Craft Room Storage Idea

My office, well my house has been an absolute disaster for months. I can never seem to get ahead. I try and try again to stay organized. I am always trying new things and have been told I have a “bin” problem.

So last December I decided to get some of my craft supplies out of boxes and onto my wall. The are actually very pretty and aesthetically appealing if I do say so myself. It is almost like a Michael’s display wall or end cap.

I partnered with Oriental Trading Co. to design this craft space for my office. I used a pegboard ( I love the way they look!) to store some of my most used craft supplies. Pegboards are commonly found in garages, go figure. They have all sorts of nifty attachments to assist you in hanging your supplies.

I used some clear bucket containers to hold chalk, glitter and my glitter glue. I just love how the clear buckets look like paint buckets! Peg hooks and wooden dowels came in handy when organizing ribbon and washi tape.

Regardless of what your craft supplies are, the pegboard storage is a fun and visually appealing way to store your craft supplies. One of my favorite attachments is the steel pegboard hook that holds all my scissors! The next time you research how to organize your craft room or office, consider using my pegboard storage idea to save space and remove clutter. See the full tutorial HERE.

What are your new years resolutions for the 2017-2018 year!? Are you itching to get organized?

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