Seed Bomb Necklace: Earth Day Kids Craft

Seed Bomb Necklace
Seed Bomb Necklace: A Jewelry Craft To Try At Home 
By Angela Dorr
Maryln Monroe once sang that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and while that still rings true today, jewelry such as heirlooms, can get destroyed by wear and tear over time.
Today a lot of fancy jewelry is made of plastic – replacing gem because it costs less to produce. These plastic alternatives are also likely to last longer, and if they do wear out easily, well, they aren’t particular expensive to replace. But what should we do with the more precious jewelry we own? A great DIY craft can turn these old pieces into an amazing accessory for yourself or a family member.
Jewelry has also even infiltrated social media channels and video games, which is giving people new inspiration when it comes to jewelry crafts. One of the most popular social games on Facebook today uses a concept focusing on gems.
Bejeweled Blitz has 11 million monthly players on the social platform, and reports suggest it’s continuing to grow as mobile players are now increasing by the minute. Many other gaming titles have followed Bejeweled Blitz’s successful blueprint of jewelry-inspired gameplay such as Pocketfruity’s Starburst game that has players bursting gems to win the prizes. Games like these can even act a bridge to inspire the next generation of jewelry crafters.
In this post, we will feature how you can reuse some of your old jewelry pieces to create a cute accessory for you and your child.
First, get your materials:
• Food coloring
• Hemp Twine
• Bowl
• Seeds
• Compost
• Toothpicks
• Air Dry Clay
• Paintbrushes
• White Glue (optional)
Important note: 
When purchasing compost at your local garden store, get the one that doesn’t contain animal manure. Inform your child to be careful when using it and always wash their hands thoroughly after holding the compost. You can even grow your own compost at home, said EarthEasy, with different home products. And always make sure you and your child are wearing gloves to protect your hands.
Second, follow the instructions thoroughly as stated below:
1. Place 5 parts clay, 1 part compost, and 1 part seeds in the bowl.
2. Knead the mixture together.
3. Get a piece from the mixture and roll them in different sizes and forms (create different sizes and shapes of beads).
4. Pierce a hole in each side of the beads using a toothpick. Pat down the end of the hole to smoothen it out.
Tip: You can roll the beads in the compost again to give it a little texture.
5. Let the beads dry out for more than 2 to 3 days.
6. Once hardened, you can now color the beads using undiluted food coloring. Do not soak the coloring in water, as the clay will seep into it on its own. Then, let it dry.
7. Cut a length of hemp cord to the necklace or bracelet size you wanted, then tie a knot one end. Depending on the cord you bought, you may want to dip the open end in glue to create a rigid section to easily thread the beads.
Tip: Keep the hemp twine, Global Hemp suggests that there are many other uses for it, such as in scrapbooking or gardening.
8. String as many beads as you desire onto the necklace and add some of your old jewelry pieces onto it as a pendant or additional beads before knotting and trimming the cord.
Lastly, match it with your summer and casual outdoor clothes.
And, you’re done! Now, you can share a piece of your jewelry with your beloved daughter that she will cherish for the rest of her life.
Hope you had fun!

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