Valentine Jewelry Kids Craft: DIY Washi Tape Beads

Valentine Jewelry Kids Craft

Looking for a Valentine jewelry kids craft for your kiddos? This DIY washi tape jewelry couldn’t be easier. Washi tape is an easy craft supply to work with and comes in so many varieties! I found this Valentine washi tape and just had to make a Valentine version of my patriotic washi tape necklace I did for Oriental Trading Co.

What I love about washi tape is that it isn’t too sticky and you can peel it off and adjust without destroying the surface you are working on. I partnered with Oriental Trading Co. to create these beautiful and festive Valentine washi tape beads. The craft is easy, affordable and is perfect for parents with their kids at home or teachers in a classroom!

Ages 4+ (don’t want your young ones eating these pretty beads:-)

What you need:

Valentine Jewelry Kids Craft

Step 1:

Choose the washi tape patterns you want to use. Wrap pieces around the craft straw until you have reached the bottom. I found that the gold glitter washi tape didn’t work well for this craft. The texture of it wouldn’t allow the washi tape to overlap and stick to itself. I would stick with the smooth surface tape. Depending on how wide the tape is will determine how many strips you will need to cover the entire straw. Repeat with each washi tape you would like to use.

Valentine Jewelry Kids Craft

Step 2:

Cut the straws at each washi tape seam (where each new piece starts). Now you have washi tape beads! Tip: cut the beads smaller if making bracelets or anklets.

Valentine Jewelry Kids Craft

Step 3:

Measure the length you will need for each piece of jewelry. If you are using stretchy cording you can cut it a little shorter than you measured.

Step 4:

Slide the “I love you to the moon and back” charm onto the cording. Place an even number of washi tape and pearl beads on both sides of the charm. I wouldn’t use the charm on anklets, it might be too large.

Step 5:

Tie a double knot in the cording when you are finished with the beads. Trim off any excess cording.

Valentine Jewelry Kids Craft

Valentine Jewelry Kids Craft

So cute!! I love how Ella’s necklace turned out. And I LOVE those charms! Stop by our Facebook page and share your washi tape craft ideas. You can also submit your amazing tutorials to Ella and Annie’s blog.

Happy crafting!

Valentine Washi Tape Kids Craft Idea


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