Wizard Potion Lava Lamp Idea

Wizard Potion Lava Lamp Idea

Send your little wizards home with this cool wizard potion lava lamp idea! These easy lava lamps look just like wizard potions. Each potion can be unique by adding different colors and even glitter! I found these gorgeous glass craft bottles at Oriental Trading Co. that are perfect for mini lava lamps.

If the kids want their lava lamps to glow, you can add glow in the dark paint to the water for some fluorescent light at night.

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Craft is not suitable for kids under age 4. Keep kids clean with these nifty aprons!

What you need:


  • Glow in the Dark Paint

Wizard Potion Lava Lamps

Step 1: Place the funnel into the opening of the glass craft bottle. If you are adding any glitter, do this now. Pour a small amount of extra fine glitter into the bottom of the bottle.

Step 2: Pour the vegetable or baby oil into the bottle about halfway.

Wizard Potion Lava Lamps

Step 3: In a large glass mix food coloring and cold tap water together. If using glow in the dark paint add some to the water as well. Mix thoroughly and fill the rest of the bottle with your water mixture.

Note: leave some space at the top, do not fill completely.

Step 4: Using quick dry glue, glue the corks into the bottle and allow to dry. Once the glue has dried, shake up your lava lamp and watch the magic happen!

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Wizard Potion Lava Lamps

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