Glitter Pom Pom Jewelry Craft; Better Than The Kits

Glitter Pom Pom Jewelry Craft Kit

You don’t need to buy expensive craft kits for your kids when you can create your own at a fraction of the cost. For example, Ella and Annie put together this glitter pom pom jewelry craft with only a few supplies. The best part is that you can use the same supplies to create many different things!

These bracelets are super easy to make and don’t require lots of time. Ella thought they would make awesome party favors or be a great party activity. Agreed! We partnered with Oriental Trading and used the product they sent us to create this adorable craft!

What you need:

Ages: 5+

Glitter Pom Pom Jewelry Craft

Step 1:

Carefully thread a dull needle. You will need to help your child do this. There is no need to tie a knot at the end.

Step 2:

Poke through the center of a mini glitter pom pom and slide it down the thread. Use all one color or create a rainbow bracelet like we have. Slide each mini pom pom down the thread until the bracelet is long enough to wrap around your child’s wrist.

Glitter Pom Pom Jewelry Craft Kit

Step 3:

You can use all the same size pom poms or we even thought about placing a medium one in the middle with smaller pom pom on the each side. When the bracelet is long enough to wrap around your child’s wrist, tie a double knot in the thread. Leave a little slack so that they can easily slide the bracelet on and off.

Step 4:

Wrap the chenille stem around your finger twice (not too tight). Trim off excess chenille stem. Glue the ends of the chenille stem together.

Step 5:

Hot glue a glitter pom pom to the top of the chenille stem ring. I love these rings! Glitter pom pom jewelry craft is perfect for every little princess. 

Glitter Pom Pom Jewelry Craft

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Glitter Pom Pom Jewelry Craft

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