Mommy Survival Kit: Mother’s Day Must Have

Mommy Survival Kit

I came up with this mommy must have, Mommy Survival Kit, based on what I would need for daily survival with my three kids! A fun and easy gift for that special mom on Mother’s Day. As featured on Reader’s Digest!

It’s all in the details…

Chocolate, an absolute must! One bite of chocolate during the tantrums, fighting, and whining brings me a brief moment of peace. It acts as my “refresh” button.

Mommy Survival Kit: Mother's Day Must Have

Hygiene. Yes, hygiene. I don’t know about your daily routine but in my household I am always on the go. Dawn until dusk and many times having a travel deodorant, facial wipes, lotion and chapstick easily accessible make for a happy momma! I hate feeling gross. One quick cucumber facial wipe and some minty lip balm have me feeling fresh again and ready to go.

Pick-me-up. Yup. I know all you exhausted moms can relate. Grab a handful of instant coffee or tea packets to keep that tired mom going strong. Our days are long and she is sure to appreciate a quick boost of energy. I also love that coffee infused chocolate for the go too!

Lastly, hand sanitizer. An absolute. Kids are germ carrying cargo planes ready to get you sick at a moments notice. Keeping your hands clean and your kids hands can help reduce the germs and sickness!

So there you have it! A simple, however super thoughtful and useful Mother’s Day gift. What will you include in your mom’s survival kit this Mother’s Day? Head on over to Ella and Annie Facebook page and share your Mommy Survival Kit with our readers or submit here on the blog for feature!

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Mommy Survival Kit: Mother's Day Must Have

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