DIY Shark Foam Visors: School Spirit Wear

DIY Shark Foam Visors

This past year I created some adorable DIY shark foam visors for our schools FUNd Run; similar to that of a jog-a-thon. We are the Sierra Sharks and I thought that these DIY shark foam visors would be perfect for the teachers and staff to wear to show their shark spirit!

I partnered with Oriental Trading to create these fun, school spirit visors! What I love about the foam visors is all the pretty colors they came in. Super easy to make and quick too! I can only imagine the cute animals you could create using these foam visors! What are some other ideas you have?

What you need:

Step 1: 

Trace a shark fin on a foam sheet. Cut the shark fin out. Set aside.

Step 2: 

Trace 6 triangles on a white foam sheet for the shark’s teeth. Cut out all the triangles. Glue the triangles under the visor’s front rim for the shark’s teeth.

Step 3:

Cut a small slit in the inner middle section of the visor where the shark’s fin will go. Cut another small slit on the shark’s fin you cut out of foam. Slide the shark fin into the slit on the visors. You can glue the fin in place to secure it.

Step 4: 

Using hot glue, glue on the black googly eyes to the top of the visors just above the rim.

Step 5: 

Place the visors on your head and use the straps to adjust the size.

Aren’t these DIY foam shark visors fun to make? Head on over to Ella and Annie Facebook page to post your shark visor creations! We would love to see what school spirit crafts you come up with to help show your school pride. Don’t forget to tag #ellaandannie on Instagram so we can check out your beautiful creations!

DIY Shark Foam Visors

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