Teacher Time Saver: Elephant Foam Hat Craft

Elephant Foam Hat Craft

This elephant foam hat craft was the perfect costume for my son Evan’s school dance performance! It’s that time of year! Do your kids have school dance shows? Each year my kids have been apart of an awesome dance show where the school has a company come and teach each class at the school a dance. Each dance has a theme that goes along with the song choice.

This year my son Evan’s class (kindergarten) performed a dance with the song Trashin’ The Camp by Phil Collins featuring N’Sync. The song was in the movie Tarzan! Super cute! Below is a short clip I found on YouTube.

Every class is responsible for costumes to go with the theme of their song. I partnered with Oriental Trading Co. and used their cute elephant foam hat craft. What I love about these craft kits is that each kit is ready to go! There is no prepping for the teachers. And…the kids can put this elephant foam hat craft together all on their own!

Elephant Foam Hat Craft

Evan’s teacher mentioned to me that she was pleasantly surprised she didn’t have to use glue. Each piece in the kit had a self-adhesive strip, just peel and stick. I don’t know about you but these just may be the cutest elephants I’ve ever seen!

Oriental Trading Co. has a large selection of foam craft headbands to choose from; cats, sea creatures and even volcanos! The headbands on average are only $0.70 per kid. What school performances happen at your child’s school? Head on over to Ella and Annie Facebook page and post your photos! Make sure to tag us #ellaandannie on Instagram so we can find you.

Note: I did get some feedback that the headbands are good for one time use. The kids wore them for dress rehearsal + the performance and with the kids handling them so much they started to come apart. 

Elephant Foam Hat Craft

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