Fall Carnival Booth Ideas for Schools


Oh I love this time of year! The Fall carnival at Sierra Elementary is nothing short of amazing. All three of my kids have a blast each year. The entire school gets involved to make the carnival a huge success. For the past few years we have had a Mad Scientist booth (by the lovely Shana Friesen) that has been a student favorite!

Every year the mad scientist lab gets better and better, don’t miss out on these awesome ideas for your school or haunted house! Shana created a dead body this year to serve as the wacky mad scientist’s patient. Looks so real right? The patient was hooked up to a scary machine made from a cardboard box. Kids were able to press buttons and turn switches on and off; a great hands on activity.

Shelves and carts were filled with creepy jars for the kids to explore. The spiders, webs and bugs were a nice touch!

The realistic squishy brains supplied by Oriental Trading Co. were a hit! One year we used dry ice to give the test tubes eerie smoke.

The black lights made the glow in the dark slime even more fun to play with as the kids were passing through the lab.

I would say the most popular part of the mad scientist lab is the spooky touch and feel boxes. Shana had them covered in black boxes, each with their own sign. The kids have to reach inside and touch the gross feeling goop; rotting maggots and bugs, guts and intestines, eyes oh my!




Kids were able to experiment with petri dishes in another hands-on activity. The mad scientist booth has evolved at our school over the past 3 years with each year being unique. We hope that these ideas inspire you and would love for you to share! PIN, PIN, PIN!

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