Thanksgiving Mosaic Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Mosaic Craft

I just love how the mosaic art technique looks with kids crafts; it reminds me of stained glass windows. How about you? We partnered with Oriental Trading Co. to create this Thanksgiving mosaic turkey craft for kids of all ages. Younger children can keep it simple and just glue and stick the mini squares on the outlined turkey shape you’ve drawn. Challenge the older kids to create an elaborate turkey mosaic by placing the squares together like a puzzle.

This mosaic craft would be great for Christmas too! You could make a Santa or Snowman mosaic. It is almost like building with legos or similar to minecraft! Oh that’s an idea, have your kids build minecraft characters using the mosaic art technique. I can’t imagine any kiddo who wouldn’t have a blast making these.

What you need: 

Thanksgiving Turkey Mosaic Craft

Step 1: 

I cut various colored construction paper into small squares. I first cut 1″ squares and then cut the 1″ squares into fourths. We used  brown for the turkey’s body and red, pink, blue green and orange for the turkey’s feathers.

Step 2:

You can trace out the shape of a turkey to give your kids a guide to go by. Using a glue stick have them start to fill in their turkey with the mini paper squares.

Thanksgiving Turkey Mosaic Craft

Step 3:

Build the body of the turkey with brown construction paper squares. Use the remaining colors to add feathers around the body of the turkey.

Step 4:

Glue on two googly eyes, a orange paper square nose and red paper square for the turkey’s wattle. With a black marker draw two cute turkey feet.

Thanksgiving Turkey Mosaic Craft

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