Jelly Fish Paper Plate Craft

Have we got a sweet craft for you! Make our cute little jellyfish paper plate craft and hang for party decorations or bedroom room decor. We partnered with Cream City Ribbon, 100% cotton unwoven ribbon made here in the USA! Let me tell you, this ribbon is absolutely GORGEOUS! The girls had fun learning how to curl ribbon and were fascinated by the curls they created.

Here is what you need to make our jellyfish paper plate craft:

  • Cream City Ribbon
  • White Paper Plates
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots or Glue
  • Dip & Dotters

Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft

Start by cutting the paper plate in half. We painted ours with a pale aqua blue then used a large circle dip and dotter to make the cheeks in a pale pink. Let the paint dry.

Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft

Using a black sharpie to make the eyes and mouth on the jellyfish face. Feel free to let your kids add other colorful embellishments to their jellyfish; sequins, stickers, stamps, you name it!

Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft

Now it’s time to curl some Cream City Ribbon! Ella and Annie chose lime, azalea, and aqua. The more pressure you apply when curling the ribbon, the tighter the curl you will get. We did a variety of loose and tight curls for our jellyfish. Doesn’t she look pretty!? Can’t you imagine a handful of these ribbon jellyfish hanging from above at an under the sea party or child’s bedroom?

Attach the ribbon to the back of the paper plate. Check out our other paper plates crafts we recently did; Top 5 Paper Plate Crafts, Kids Craft Round Up for Summer, or one of our yummy recipes!

Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft

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